Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oscar's Renamer

Here's a novel approach to the batch renaming of files. I've used many different renamers but this one is worth a mention. Don't you wish that you could just edit the names of all the files in a directory the same way you can edit all the lines in a text editor? Well, now you can with Oscar's Renamer. It gets the diretory listing and plonks it into a text editor where each line is a file name. Once you've done all your edits, you can commit the changes to the actual file system. This means you get all the advantages of a text editor with regards to text search/replace and undo/redo etc. For instance, if you rename files and realise you made a mistake, just hit undo in the text editor and the re-apply the original names. Oscar's approach to file renaming is more useful when catering to situations where a simple search/replace is not adequate.

It's great for organising your code files as well as your media collections. This is one cool tool.


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