Monday, October 31, 2005

The secret to making $$$ is to be a good middle man.

In an internetworked marketplace, this means distribution. Audio compression in the form of MP3 was a great enabler for internet distribution for music. The corporations obsessed with the charter and the bottom line didn’t see the opportunity. I remember when MP3 was a dirty word in corporate circles. Then apple came along and showed people how to behave sensibly with the technology. Now everyone is climbing over each other to get on the bandwagon to do with video what iTunes did with MP3.
How long is it gonna take for someone to realize that P2P is the great enabler for video (large file) distribution. Can you say “free capacity” (storage and bandwidth) – provided up-front by your customers? BitTorrent is MP3 all over again only it’s even more revolutionary – turning the central server bottle-neck scenario on it’s head. When is some company gonna be creative enough to realize that all they need to do is create a variant of the BT protocol to own the Internet video distribution market?

If Microsoft doesn’t come up with this (possibly using the xbox 360 as the platform) in the next 12 months, I will be flabbergasted.

TV programmers and video hire outlets need to be put on notice (in the long term).


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