Friday, April 21, 2006

extension for developing [mozilla] extensions

I'm a sucker for recursive descriptions so I just had to blog this. I have to admit, the idea is kind of obvious isn't it, this has crossed my mind before and there are a bunch of em at Eclipse has an extension for developing eclipse extensions, and it has been there since the early days. It's very early satages so it may be a bit rough around the edges but the idea is a winner so it will only go from strength to strength. Hopefully it will eventually get mature enough to become a mozilla foundation project. The success of any platform is greatly determined by the accessibility of it's development toolkits.

This XUL IDE is looking pretty impressive. It may not support WYSIWYG building of XUL UIs but it has what you REALLY need - and that is a unified cohesive way to develop a XUL based application/extension. I must download and try it...

XulUnit may also be worth checking out.

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