Monday, October 31, 2005

Free Remote KDE Desktops from

"From the something-for-nothing dept. offers free remote KDE desktops over NX. Anyone can sign up to have their own desktop accessible from any computer with a network connection. CosmoPOP uses KDE's Kiosk framework to ensure security for their system. To find out more about the service and why KDE was the chosen desktop, KDE Dot News spoke to the man behind CosmoPOD, Stephen Ensor. "

Read on for the interview.

I found the service too slow to be useful when I gave it a go. I think we have to wait until he switches to outsourced CPU time.

Interesting idea though, he just needs to get the sums right for his capacity planning. Eventually it may be practicable. I know a bunch of people who could do all their computing this way - but the service would need to be rock solid and snappy.


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