Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm making Internet Training Video

I'm drawing on my "vast reserves" of general IT knowledge to create a training programme in the video format. It will be a typical screen video (footage of the desktop) with narration from yours truly. Hopefully I will have the time resources to include some animations to re-enforce the conceptual stuff. The video will not be for set-top DVD players, but rather in the FLV format hosted in HTML pages. It is envisaged that the user will view the tutorials on their desktop where they can switch between viewing it and trying out some of the concepts.

So. All that remains is for me to put together a curriculum and execute the delivery. I would really like to get your input into the topics you think should be covered. Obviously "the Internet" is a very broad topic with squillions of sub-topics. So suggest away, and there is every likelyhood that it will appear in the title.

I'm not sure on the delivery model. I think there will be a website where you can watch it, plus you can order the DVD (to save bandwidth). Some of the videos will be accessible for free. Some of them will be destributed through torrent. But to access the full library, there will be some sort of subscription plan.

Anyway, it's early days, so we'll see. I plan on having a lot of fun with this - may even compose my own musical intros etc :)

Wish me luck.


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