Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

"Taking steps to guard itself against the growing popularity of cheaper open-source databases, as well as making lower-end application developers and students more familiar with its technology, Oracle Corp. on Monday announced the beta release of its new Oracle Database 10g Express Edition."
"Bowing to growing pressure from these startups, IBM has already released a free version of its DB2 database, while Microsoft will ship Express, a free version of its SQL Server 2005, in November."

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This is all good news and all, this talk about being "developer friendly" is dandy, but I wish oracle would release a decent developer tool. At the moment, Quest software have a stranglehold manopoly in this area with their TOAD tool. Not only is the tool priced out of the realm of the type of developers refered to in this article, but it's almost impossible to get your hands on a copy of the demo. There used to be a free(?) tool called Tora, but quest bought the dude out to eliminate it (their only competition). I'm not talking about some feature integrated into an IDE (like J Developer), I mean a stand-alone tool which doesn't interfere with your existing development setup.

Developers are supposed to make do with SQL Plus?
Oh please... As Chris Rock puts it:
"Sure, you can do it. But that don't mean it's to be done. You could steer a car with your feet if you want to, but that don't make it a good fukin idea."

I'm not gonna waste my time with any express edition until Oracle fixes this accessibility issue.


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