Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language

Douglas Crockford has written a short but interesting piece on how JavaScript is misunderstood. It goes beyond being, what looks at first glance like, an opinionated article written by a grumpy old man. His areguments are sound and well constructed. There are ample code examples to illustrate his points. This was educational for me in at least one profound way, and I reckon every developer (and I don't just mean WEB developer) would do well to read it. It should change the way you approach tasks with this technology, and in the process, greatly empower you. Javascript, and spinoffs like actionscript, are used everywhere nowadays, from office suites, to Application Server Frameworks (ie. Cocoon's Flow), to GUI frameworks (XUL) to video editing packages (ie. Sony Vegas scripting kit). If you are a developer, you may as well master the language so you can command propper control of JavaScript when you inevitabally encounter it.


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